PKR Limited

Printing Services

Here at PKR Ltd we offer a range of printing services which enable our customers to apply their companies branding to the flanges of their reels. This allows companies to set their products apart from their competitors by applying high quality artwork and logos to their reels and drums.

Our in-house design team will help you in the development of your printing designs with design proofs sent for your approval before any expense on print plates is made.

The types of printing we offer are as follows:

Screen Printing

This is our highest quality printing service.

Fine detail can be achieved in up to four colours depending upon the design.

This type of print is available on cardboard, MDF and in some cases plywood reels.

Flexo Printing

This is the most economical printing service we offer.

Printing can be achieved in up to two colours matching whichever pantone you require.

This type of print is available on plywood, cardboard and MDF reels


Stenciling can be applied to all types of reel.

Most commonly this service is used by customers who require to label each individual reel with a specific reference number, or where just a simple line of text is required, for example "Non Returnable"