Cardboard Reels & Spools

Beaded Metal Cylinder Slot Reel

This reel is essentially a beaded metal cylinder reel but with a slotted metal cylinder barrel.

The slot allows for quick and easy access for your product to be wound more efficiently. It has been designed to fit a wide range on auto-winders used in the cable industry.

Standard flange sizes range from 125mm to 400mm diameter, in calipers from 2000 to 4000 micron.

Other types of card are available such as white or yellow lined board and we carry a range of poly coated cardboard in plain or white. Fluted cardboard can also be used.

The slotted metal cylinders are available in 75mm diameter and in standard lengths of 100mm and 150mm.

A high quality printing service is available for these reels

This type of reel or spool is generally used for thin gauge wiring cables but can also be used for other lightweight products such as wire, rope, string, thin plastic or rubber tubing and even fabrics.

This reel can be supplied assembled or in kit form.

Cardboard Beaded Metal Cylinder Slot Reel