Plywood Reels & Drums

Metal Stamping Reel (MSR)

This type of reel or drum consists of 2 flanges and barrel which surrounds a number of metal stampings.

The plywood MSR is a lightweight reel that can be supplied assembled or in kit form.

Each reel contains 2, 3, 4 or 5 metal stampings depending upon the barrel diameter. The metal stampings have lengths ranging from 90mm to 457mm with either 2 or 3 prongs on their ends.

No of Stampings Barrel Diameter Formed No of Prongs
2 100mm 3
3 150mm 2
4 200mm 2
5 250mm 2

All the metal stampings are manufactured in house here at PKR Ltd.

The barrel which surrounds the stampings can either be a solid cardboard tube or a paper strip.

The standard flange diameters for our metal stamping reels range between 190mm to 450mm in 6mm thick plywood.

Our printing and stenciling service is available for this reel.

Plywood Metal Stamping Reel